Ivisit to Vincennes

Follow in the footsteps of the history and heritage of Vincennes in an original way ! Children and adults alike will learn while having fun ! Observe, discover, learn …

Architectural tour Vincennes
Treasure Hunt Vincennes


Languages : French and English

Organisation of your visit

  • Download the audioguide on one more media device depending on the type of device used and according to the number of concerned visitors.
  • Print out the map and all helpful documents.
  • Remember to charge the battery of your media device.
  • Don’t forget your headphones or make sure that you have a loudspeaker if you’ve organized a tour of several visitors with a single device.
  • Also don’t forget to take pictures and share them with us on instagram with #MONVALDEMARNE

Security rules

  • While making your tour, remember that you are in an urban environment.
  • Mind the traffic and take only safe and designated passageways and crosswalks.
  • Do not obstruct regular pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
  • Enter only buildings open to the public.


Coming by public transport

  • RER A, station Vincennes
  • Métro ligne 1, station Château de Vincennes (also stations : Bérault, Saint-Mandé)
  • Bus 46, 56, 112, 114, 115, 118, 124, 210, 215, 318 et 325
  • Noctambus 11 and 33

Where to park in Vincennes

  • Coeur de Ville, avenue de Vorges : 138 places, open 24H/24.
  • Hôtel de ville, Place du Général Leclerc : 94 places, open 24H/24.
  • Parking du marché, 89 rue de Fontenay : 249 places (7 for people with reduced mobility and 5 for motorbikes).
  • Centre Georges Pompidou, 168 rue de Fontenay : 180 places, open 24H/24.
  • Mowat, 16 rue du Commandant Mowat : 360 places, open 24H/24.
  • Château-Marigny, Cours Marigny : 631 places.


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To complete your visit, do not hesitate to consult our page devoted to the city, its history and its news.