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The network brings together local regions wishing to develop or redevelop recreational activities along rivers or waterways in an urban environment.

Riverside Cities : European network for sustainable tourism

We share the desire to exchange our experiences and work together to create the sustainable cities of the future.

Latest news

Second phase of the STAR Cities project

STAR Cities – seminar in Germany

All STAR Cities partners met during a trip organised on 5-6 May 2022 by the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The aim of the seminar was to learn about good practices in the Hamburg region and to share progress in the implementation of the action plans.

Study trips were organised to different locations in the Hamburg region to discover the tourism practices of the region. A workshop was held to discuss the future of the project and to allow the partners to position themselves.

STAR Cities European online conference – December 14

After three and a half years of cooperation, we were pleased to present the first results of the STAR Cities project to the local authorities and all the stakeholders on the banks of the Marne: publication of a good practices guide, implementation of an action plan in 2022 and new projects for the future.

STAR Cities European conference – November 26

As the STAR Cities project is gearing towards the end of its first phase of development, the partnership will present the results of three years of cooperation for a better tourism management in Riverside Cities during an online conference hosted by our partner NECSTouR on November, 26.
It will introduce the good practices guide, a document gathering the knowledge learned during the seminars of phase 1 as well as policy recommendations. Pitching sessions of good practices will explore different challenges :

  • Engaging locals & communities in river tourism
  • Developing new tourism products & marketing strategies
  • Improving governance systems & gooperation of stakeholders
  • Raising awareness on environment & sustainability topics.

STAR Cities : Implementation of the action plan

The second phase of the STAR Cities project (2021-2023) will be dedicated to the implementation of the action plan written during the first phase of the project. The action plan will be implemented in each of the partners territories, including the Marne river banks.

First phase of the STAR Cities project (2018-2021), exchange of good practices

STAR Cities – Good practices webinars on « Environment & Sustainability »

The partners of STAR Cities took part in a virtual seminar on April 2021. The main themes of the event were « Environment & Sustainability » and the session was hosted by the the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) located in Slovenia. Good practices presentations by the partners and their stakeholders helped the STAR Cities partners in their writing of an action plan.

STAR Cities – Good practices webinars on « Governance & cooperation »

STAR Cities’ latest Interregional learning session was held online from February 9 to 12, 2021. The Val-de-Marne Tourism Board hosted the event as the lead partner of the project. The event explored the themes of Governance and Cooperation through presentations of good practices by european partners of the project as well as dedicated workshops.

STAR Cities – Good practices webinars on « Tourism products and marketing »

virtual Interregional learning session was held from October, 20 to 22 2020 in the frame of STAR Cities. It was dedicated to the themes of « Tourism products and marketing ». The partners of the project presented good practices through study visits on different topics such as Accessibility & mobility, Innovative tourism products, Public and private partnerships and Marketing & communication.

STAR Cities – 2nd seminar in Kaunas

The second Interregional Learning Session of STAR Cities took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, from 11 to 13 September 2019. The event focused on « Locals & Communities » and was hosted by the partner Kaunas 2022, European Capital of Culture.

STAR Cities – 1st Interregional learning session

This first Interregional learning session took place in Rome in July 2019. The 7 partners of STAR Cities gathered to present the State of Play of Riverside Cities and to start the exchange of good practices process. A thematic program of seminars was also voted.

STAR Cities project – Launching conference

STAR Cities launching conference took place in Val-de-Marne (France) on 27 September 2018. The project partners met with Val-de-Marne Tourism Board’s local stakeholders and discussed STAR Cities objectives and opportunity.

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