Riverside Cities already has partners from all over Europe. We share the desire to exchange our experiences and work together to create the sustainable cities of the future. Join us in this project.

Riverside Cities : a fast-expanding network

Carnaval du festival de l'Oh

Val-de-Marne Tourism Board – FRANCE

“Thanks to the discussions initiated within Riverside Cities, we are keen to renew our vision for the banks of the Marne, our practices and those of our local partners. We are convinced that this cooperation will be a vehicle for creativity and innovation for all partners involved.”

Kaunas 2022, European Capital of Culture – LITHUANIA

“This network gives us the opportunity to write an alternative history of Europe together, of the cities and their relationship to rivers, and of our local communities. These discussions will enrich our Kaunas and Kaunas District 2022, European Capital of Culture project.”

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg – GERMANY

“Riverside Cities multiplies opportunities for cooperation with our European friends, by creating a joint approach to developing tourism, learning from each other and mutually supporting each other’s projects. In this way, we hope to promote districts of Hamburg that are not yet so well known to tourists coming from far away.”

Canal River Trust

Canal & River Trust

“Canal & River Trust protects and develops over 3,000 kilometres of waterways in England and Wales. The Riverside Cities network offers us new opportunities through European cooperation and funding, to improve our skills and can help us increase visitor numbers along our waterways.”

Aviron sur la Marne

Roma Capitale – Municipio IX EUR

« There is a whole natural, cultural heritage and social history waiting to be rediscovered outside the centre of Rome. Like other European capitals, we need to share our initiatives, ideas and methods of action to develop the banks of the Tiber, following a sustainable social, economic and cultural approach. »